Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a nice weekend.
I love 3 day weekends.

Friday night, Landry wanted to call Uncle Bobby, so Dani let her Skype him.
She loves Skyping and thinks everytime we call someone, she should be able to see them!

Saturday, we went flower girl dress shopping again. 
This time we took Campbell with us.
Her and Landry got along great.
Landry watched everything she did and tried to mock her!
This time, we actually found the dress and ordered it for the both of them!
I wasn't able to get a picture of Landry in it though, because as soon as we were taking the first dress off to try the new one on, she was running around not watching where she was going and ran smack dab into the mirrored dressing room!  Poor thing got a bloody nose and a fat lip.  She was done trying on dresses after that!  Luckily Campbell was able to model it for us and we loved it!  They are going to look so precious at the wedding.
Campbell holds a special place in Dani's life.
She has been her nanny since she was born.

This girl also holds a special place in her life!
She is by no means modest!

Saturday afternoon, we went back to Campbell's house to swim.
Campbell has twin one year old sisters that Dani has now had the pleasure to nanny for, and they had a fun swim party that Landry got to go swim at.

Saturday night, after dinner we came back to my parents house and Landry was in the silliest mood.  That got Dani, mom and I in a silly mood and we turned on the 80's music and just started dancing.  We had so much fun!
Aunt Dani was teaching Landry how to do her forward rolls!

Sunday, all we did was lay out and swim.
It was so nice
Love these girls!
Happy Memorial Day!


Love, Dani said...

I look naked in the one picture of me and you! Funny. Love you

Ryan and Carrie said...

Ryan and I are trying to find a great place for Leah for swim lessons. I noticed that you mentioned in one of your posts that Landry was going to start. If you don't mind, would you email me the info for the person she is taking them with? My email is carriewbuck@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!