Friday, May 6, 2011

Random post

This has to be the most random post ever.
Here are just a few pictures I have taken over the past week

Me and my girl!

My mom and I went to a Cinco De Mayo party last night.
I love having an excuse to dress up!
I have been meaning to blog about this for the past couple of weeks.
I've had the hardest time cooking dinner with Landry lately.
All she wants to do is hang on me and it is so hard to cook!
I came up with the idea to have her help me, that way she felt important and I got my dinner done.
We have this ottoman and she pulls it over to the counter when I start dinner and then she helps me pour the ingredients and usually ends up pulling all the utensils out, but at least it occupy's her!
Here are me and my future chef discussing how to make the rice
I found the cutest idea for my mom and Tim's mom for Mother's day for Landry to make.
I'll make sure and show the final product once it is finished!
Ever since Landry was little, she has loved watching Tim mow.
She runs to the window and will just stare and give me a play by play of where daddy is in the yard
That's about it.
I can't wait to spend the weekend with all the moms that mean the most to me and to be thankful that I am a blessed momma as well!

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