Monday, May 23, 2011

First Dip and Flower Girl Dress Shopping

I remember being younger and wanting to get into my Grammy's pool so bad that Dani and I would just jump in for the first time and freeze.  We didn't want to have to get out so with quivering lips we would tell my mom that it felt good and we weren't cold! 
As we were outside Saturday, it was so nice out and humid that Landry decided she wanted to get into the pool.  We changed her into her new princess bathing suit and let her just play in my parents hot tub for a while.  She loved it, and thought it was her very own baby pool! 
Tim put his swimsuit on and jumped in to play with her.
She loved it for all of two minutes until daddy dunked her!
 We start swim lessons in two weeks!

Sunday, we went to look at flower girl dresses for Dani's wedding.
 We made the mistake of taking her right at naptime, so she did good for like the first two dresses and then about lost it.
 Dani then proceeded to give her a sucker and we were gone!
I think we will be taking her back next weekend way before naptime!