Thursday, May 5, 2011

The next Shawn Johnson?

Tuesday, Landry started gymnastics classes!
She has been learning how to do rolls and loved it,
so I knew gymnastics would be the perfect sport to start her on!
Here we are waiting to go inside
I just love her little ponytail!
And her cute little new leotard!
I got to participate and help her do all the events.
There was a mini trampoline, a balance beam, floor mats to show off her rolling skills and a tube that they could crawl through.  The cute little teenage instructor told me Landry did really well!
Afterwards, she got a stamp on her hand of Elmo.
She was greatly upset when Elmo came off in the bathtub that night!


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The Shull Family said...

What a sweetheart!! Yay for Landry!