Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Lately, I feel as if our little family is going non-stop!
I love this time of year though and all that it brings.
Saturday, we went to Grapevine for Main St. Days and Landry went to her first petting zoo.
She wasn't as excited as I thought she would be and didn't want to go near the goats
She did however, want to ride the kids train they had
I thought the wagon was a great idea because it was open and she could get out as she pleased,
Wrong!  First she wanted to ride and all was well, but then when we let her out she didn't want to get back in and screamed and then wanted to help pull it.  
Needless to say, we will be sticking with the stroller for a while longer!
This girl takes after her momma!
She hasn't met a ride she didn't love!
Playing in the grass

Sunday morning as I was getting ready Tim gave Landry a bath and then brought her into our bathroom to blow-dry her hair. 
I had never seen him do this before and thought it was so cute.
He put a towel around her like she was at the beauty shop!
Sunday for lunch, the Boozer's came over and we lost Brady and Landry right after to the playroom.
Landry loves Brady Boozer and just follows him everywhere!
(Yes, she wears that bucket as a hat)

We are still loving gymnastics on Tuesday nights and this week, they got to play with bubbles after class
Last night, we had a shower for Amanda in our Sunday school class and I got to hold sweet Parker and feed him while she opened presents. 
Ugh, he is so cute!
I just love babies!

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Jenna Vineyard said...

HAHAHA...I got so tickled when I saw the picture of Tim and the blow dryer. The towel is too cute. HAHAHA!!! :)