Saturday, December 4, 2010

22 Months

Today Landry turns 22 months old!
This month she is still wearing a 2T, has moved up to a size 8 shoe and has learned a few more words.  We have also taken the first step into potty training!  She says "I tee-tee" and then runs to the toilet, we sit on it and she acts like she is going potty and then hops off and flushes.  Secretly, I think she just wants to flush the toilet!  She hasn't actually gone yet, but it's a step in the right direction.  I cannot believe we are just 2 short months until she turns 2!  It has flown by this year. 

This morning, we went over to my parents friends house for their annual Christmas party.  Last year Landry loved Santa and was not bothered by him, but today was a different story!  Here is the progression that happened this morning:
Landry meet Santa, Santa meet Landry
I think it will be ok if I can just observe him from afar
Mom, this is not cool, get me away from him
See, if mommy likes him, he must be OK!
Oh well, maybe next year!  I still want to at least attempt to see how she does at the mall, but I may have high hopes only to be met with a meltdown!


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