Friday, July 10, 2009

A little bit of Randomness

Landry got to spend a whole day with her Aunt Dani on Wednesday. As I was uploading my pictures, this is what I came across. As you can see, Angel and Maddie got in on the fun as well!

Look who is sitting up! Well, to be honest, she still needs the boppy behind her, but that could be because mom is scared of her falling back and bumping her head. Here are some pictures we took today. See what I mean about Angel, as soon as I start talking to Landry to smile, Angel immediately walks over to get in the picture. I love that dog!


Love, Dani said...

Its spelled MADDY!
I love my niece's sooo very much!

katy said...

I'm really starting to see both you and Tim in her!! That's so fun!