Saturday, July 4, 2009

5 Months Old

Today the lil peanut turns 5 months! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Here are some facts about the big 5 month old.

1. She loves her food! We started sweet potatoes this week, and she loves them. She has really started to know what to do when she eats and will open her mouth for the spoon.
2. She is starting to move more. Gone are the days when you can lay her on the couch to run to the kitchen to grab her bottle! She automatically moves. This is the reason for the blurry picture above. Every time I put her in place, she would wiggle out.
3. She loves her daddy! Momma will always be her favorite, but the minute Tim walks in the door, she lights up. She stares at him for a good 10 minutes.
4. She loves the pool. Not cold water though! The pool has to be the right temperature for her to enjoy it. She seems to mellow out when she is in the water.
5. She has gotten ticklish. When you rub lotion on her legs or arms, she cackles out like it really tickles!

We love you Landry Kate!

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