Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy New Year's Eve! I cannot believe 2015 is coming to a close. We have had our best year yet. I'll recap our year tomorrow. Today is dedicated to all things Christmas. 

Since Tim and I celebrate with both sides of our families still we have a combined SIX Christmases! It's a lot over a few days but we love it! Seeing all of our family over a short span is fun and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

This year on the Sunday before Christmas we celebrated with Tim's moms family. Landry and Hayden got some really nice things. Tim's aunts and uncles are really good to my kids. 

So this is Clare. She was the flower girl in mine and Tim's wedding! She's now 14 and so grown up. We love getting to see her every Christmas. 

On Christmas Eve Eve we celebrate with my dad's family. We started this tradition a long time ago. 

I just love my Grammy! She still loves being silly and loves her great grand babies. 

This was my rocking horse at Hayden's age!

This was Brody's first Christmas!

Hayden wanted to help Brody open everything!

I just love these women and my little B!

On Christmas Eve morning we wake up and head over to Tim's parents house to do Christmas with them. We love just eating breakfast and chilling in our pj's!

Growing up every year my whole family would get dressed up and go to church for the candlelight service. I looked forward to it every year. We would sing carols and turn off all the lights in the church and just hold candles. I loved it. When I married Tim his moms family did Christmas on Christmas Eve but this year we changed it so we were once again free on this night. I wanted Landry to experience it too. She loved it! Lots of memories at this church. I grew up here and got married here!

We got home and put on our pj's and waited for Santa!

Look, he came!

This year was so much fun with these kids. They are so into Christmas and all that it brings. I just love them!

Hayden's big gift was this basketball goal. He loves it!

Landry got a new doll!

My parents took Landry shopping to buy us gifts. She did so well! She got Tim a new flashlight, Hayden a truck and me some bracelets. 

It was a great morning!

On Christmas afternoon we headed over to Dani and Bobby's house to celebrate with my parents and them and Brody. 

My parents got them each a new chair this year!

When Dani and I were young my dad started daddy daughter gifts just from him each year. He has carried that tradition on with Landry and this year he got her a kindle! She loved it! 

My sister and Bobby got Hayden a gas tank for his big truck and Landry matching pajamas for her and her new doll!

We all put our pj's on and had a sleepover! I love these people so much!

The next morning we got up and headed to Clyde to see my moms family. 

I just love my nephew!

We had such a great Christmas! Spent with the people I love the most. Seeing Christmas through my kiddos eyes is the best! 


Mix and Match Mama said...

Oh my goodness! So many cute pics!!! Happy New Year friend! Love you so very much!

Dani Lewis said...

Love it all!!!!