Monday, November 23, 2015

Our family date

This weekend was so much fun! I mentioned on Friday that we were going to decorate for Christmas. Well Tim waisted no time and as soon as he pulled in Friday started bringing my boxes in. 

My house is small. I really don't have a lot of decorations but I do have specific places for my things. I'll take pics of it all completed soon. Here are just a few of us actually decorating. 

Landry begged to do the tree this year and I handed over the reins. I'm kind of a control freak about my tree so every time she put two of the same color or five ornaments in one spot I had to look away, but the sheer joy on her face doing this tree made it worth it. 
And yes she is wearing a hat. She found it in her old bin of baby clothes I keep and wore it most of the morning. 

Hayden helped too. I say helped. I let him put one ornament on and he got bored and was done! Ha! The attention span of a two year old!

Here she is, so proud of her tree. 

Also, our elf showed up early this year! I tell you what. I need to find a way to keep him all year long. Landry was so well behaved all weekend! She just knew he was going to tell Santa if she wasn't being good!

After we were done we decided to go run some errands and spend some time together. We never really do this. Hayden is going through a phase where he hates the high chair so eating out is super fun. But we had the great idea of putting him in a booth next to me and it worked like a charm! And Landry loved it because Tim always plays the menu games with her. 

After dinner we went and got some yogurt. A Smith family favorite. My kids love yogurt and so do Tim and I. 

It was a great day together just the four of us. I love my people and spending quality time with them is pure gold to me! 

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