Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Six Flags trips

Since we had season passes to Six Flags this year I wanted to make sure we went a few times over the summer. I'm not a huge fan of waiting in line in 100 degree heat so we tried to get there when it first opened then left before nap time. It worked out perfect that way. I let Landry pick five to six rides she really wanted to ride and those were the ones we would do. 

I love having one on one time with her. She tends to get pretty jealous of me being home with Hayden during the school year so I tried over the summer to take her by herself to do "big kid" activities. 

She picked a few of the "kiddie" rides this time. 

And she decided to find a few characters to take a picture with

Then, in August we decided since Hayden was free we would load him up for his first Six Flags trip! 
He loved it! We went on all the rides we thought he would like and had the best time. 

Having these season passes has served us well. We have definitely gotten our money's worth!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Ahhhh! What sweet pictures! You're a trooper...Six Flags over the summer is HOT!