Tuesday, January 4, 2011

23 months

Well, today my baby turns 23 months old. 
I cannot believe we are just one short month away from her turning 2.  
It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with her and awaiting her arrival. 
I cannot imagine loving her anymore than I do, but as each day passes she steals my heart more and more.
At 23 months old Landry is:
*Still wearing a 2T, but has some 3T stuff
*Wearing a size 8-9 shoe
*Starting to potty train.  She got a new potty chair for Christmas and I'm going to set it up this week and begin to just let her sit on it.  I have a feeling it won't take long.  She usually picks up on things fast.
*We are learning our manners.  I'm teaching her to say excuse me when she burps and bless you when someone sneezes.  Funny story: the other night daddy burped and she said "scuze me", so I looked at Tim and then he said "excuse me".  Then, the other day at Ikea the lady behind us in line sneezed and she said "bess you", uh so cute.  I was so proud that she had said it to a stranger. 
I just love this little girl so much. 
Preparations are under way for the 2nd Birthday party!


Sarah said...

Aww I enjoyed reading this post. That is good that you are teaching your little girl manners. My little girl is 2 (her birthday is in November) and she will say thank you every time she gets what she wants like when I feed her she will say "thank you" after she gets her food, when I turn on one of her favorite tv shows she will also say "thank you" and when we are going somewhere and I take her out of the carseat after we get there so she can walk she will again say "thank you" all in this sweet little girl voice, I love it! She hasn't really gotten down the "excuse me/you" or "bless yous" yet but I am sure she will very soon. We are also working on potty training, a lot times she just doesn't want to go but children are ready to potty train at different ages so I am not worried about it if she isn't ready right now. Enjoyed reading this post and I can't wait to read more from you. I hope that you will have some time to read my blog....its http://inthishecticlife.blogspot.com so feel free to check it out if ya want.

Love, Dani said...

I love her very much. Can't wait for 2 year old birthday!