Thursday, March 4, 2010

13 Months Old

Today you are 13 months old! You have gotten so much older just in this last month to me. You are really independent and love playing on your own. It makes your mommy so happy to see you playing and entertaining yourself. Last night while we were playing you started saying momma again! Daddy heard it and looked at me, and I squealed with delight! Your new thing is to come and sit in my lap when I am sitting on the ground. We don't have to be doing anything, you just like to come and sit with me. I can tell you all the things I am feeling and you won't judge me or look at me weird. I hope we will always have this connection. I love being your mommy more than you know. Here are some stats on you right now:
*You are currently in 18-24 month clothes
*You weigh around 27 lbs
*You got your first haircut this month
*You absolutely love Angel, and whenever you see her you give her a big kiss and hug

Here is a video I took yesterday of her in her new swing.

I cannot resist her giggle, it is too cute to me.

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Love, Dani said...

You made me tear up a little. The things you say to her make me feel like thats how our mom was with us. She was so young, I can only imagine the stories mom told us when we were L's age.
I love that video. There's nothing better than THAT baby's laugh. I love you and her so very much