Friday, February 26, 2010

Just some random pictures

This week has been abnormally slow for us. We are usually on the go nonstop, but we have been home most nights this week. Here are just some random pictures I have taken.
On Saturday, we went over to Grammy and Granddaddy's house to play and she wanted her afternoon snack, so we rummaged through Grammy's cabinets and found some goodies. Grammy found my old sippy cup and she used that to drink with. This high chair is older than my dad. He and my uncle used it, then my two cousins and Dani and I used it, and now 3 generations later, it is still being used!

Monday night it was so cold out that Tim made us a fire, and we had sloppy joes. This was Landry's first sloppy joe, and she loved it!

Here we are getting our bath after the sloppy joe! She loves to brush her teeth in the bathtub, and is getting really good at it.

Her first Blackberry! I'm so proud. Tim found his old phone and charged it for her and now we have fooled her into thinking it is a real phone. She knows her fake ones are fake because they don't light up like mommy's does, but this one lights up and even dials numbers! She has barely put it down since we gave it to her. I hope I'm not making a bad decision by giving her a phone at one! Robbie said last night that she is going to walk into kindergarten texting me lo let me know she is fine! Haha!

My girl and I. You will notice that she looks like Rocky with her red eye. She woke up with it the other morning. It actually looks better than it did. Not sure what it is, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

Her new favorite thing to do is help Tim take the laundry out of the dryer, such a good little helper!

We are so ready for the weekend! Hope you have a great one too.

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Amber Massey said...

Poor baby girl with the red eye! I actually used to get them like that when I was her age..and still get them every now and then. I just wake up and my eye is huge!! haha! She is a doll- so either way, she is still too cute!