Monday, February 1, 2010

Year of Firsts

Since today is February 1st, I thought I would do a special post on all the firsts Landry has experienced this year. She is our first child, and we have learned so much in this last year from her. Here are just a few things we have gotten to do.

First day home from the hospital

First Valentines Day

First trip to the zoo

First trip to the beach

First Easter

First smile

First Mothers Day

First Rangers Game

First swim

First time to sit in a highchair

First time to eat cereal

First Fathers Day

First 4th of July

First tooth

First time to sit up

First trip to Disney World

First time to crawl

First Halloween

First Thanksgiving

First time to see Santa

First snow

First Christmas morning

First New Years Day

First time to walk

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The Shull Family said...

What an awesome idea for a post!! I love it!!!!