Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Ernest

Since Thursday looked like this around our area...

We decided to build a snowman! We waited for daddy to get home, cause daddy's are good at building snowmen, right? Well, our daddy had no clue how to build one, I mean I married a true Texas boy! So, we had Robbie build us one! He knows just the right moves into making a good snowman. We had such a good time rolling him up, while my husband had a good time at throwing snowballs at me! Here are the boys perfecting Ernest (I named him that because of the cowboy hat, he just looked like an Ernest).

Here are Austin, Landry and Melissa playing in the snow

Here is our family with our new family member, Ernest!

1 comment:

Amber Massey said...

Love Ernest!! Looks like Tim... tehe!