Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life lately via cell phone pics

Here are some pictures lately that have been taken
with my phone:

I got to go to Las Vegas for work (I know, right!) with
some of my favorite co-workers and this is us at the
Hard Rock restaurant
Last weekend for our anniversary, Tims parents and my parents
kept Landry for us and these are the pictures that
were sent to me.
Getting ready to dye eggs:
Helping bake cookies:
Then the next morning, they took her for a picnic at the park!
Saturday night my parents took us out to dinner for our anniversary
and they ordered us their famous lemon cake. 
Oh my word, it was yummy!
The normal cheese face:
We finally got the DVD player installed in my new car and
Landry loves it!
Plus, they sent these awesome headphones, so she's happy and mommy
and daddy don't have to listen to Mickey and Minnie for the car ride!

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