Friday, April 6, 2012

A day with my Girl

I had the day off yesterday, so Landry and I
spent some much needed mommy daughter time together.
Wednesday night Tim brought me home flowers for our
anniversary coming up and he grabbed some Peeps for me.
I love Peeps!
I got them every year from the Easter Bunny, but Landry has
never had them, so she had her first Peep!
Yesterday morning, I took her to get her Spring pictures made
and they turned out so good. 
After that we went to our favorite store, Target!
For lunch since she was so good running errands and having
her pictures made, we went to McDonalds.
(You will notice that in every picture, she makes the same "cheese" face!)
We had such a good time together!
I am so lucky to call this girl my child!
I love her so much.

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