Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Weekend of Randomness

This weekend was busy! I'm wondering if our weekends slow down some day soon, if Landry will know what to do with a Saturday with nothing to do!

Friday we went to dinner with Shay, Andrew and Kensington. We always have such a good time with each other. I'm not sure if the tables around us had such a good time. Kensington, you need to teach Landry table manners (let's just say my child is very vocal!)

You will notice in these next two pics, Landry is looking in one, and Kensington in the other. Come on girls, there are lots more years of pictures together, hopefully we will one day be able to get you both to look!

Thank you for a great time and my gifts! Can't wait to make you a pie from it!

This is Landry's new ride! She loves sitting in her big girl car seat. She thinks she is a big girl now!

Here she is on Sunday morning. She got to come to Sunday School with us!

You will notice that she is now officially sitting up on her own. Such a big girl! She will be 6 months old Tuesday, be looking for that post.

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