Monday, March 23, 2009

My First Mini Vacation

These are just for Landry (a girl after my own heart)

I'm ready to hit the beach

Putting my feet in the ocean for the first time

I spent my down time looking outside and watching T.V. with my dad

This was how high the water was during Ike!

Thank you Mimi and Pop for a wonderful time!

This weekend my parents and Tim and I took Landry to Galveston. This was a weekend of firsts for her. Her first car trip, her first time at the beach and her first mini vacation. She did so good being out of town. She slept better there then she does here! I think we wore her out!


Bobby and Dani said...

That picture of L and T sitting on the couch is priceless. Love ya'll

The Massey's said...

So fun for you guys!! She is a doll, Kara!

The Shull Family said...

How much fun!!! She is a big girl now that she's been in the ocean. I'm so glad you guys had a great trip! Love you both!!!

Boozer Bunch said...

How much fun! I miss you guys!