Monday, January 4, 2010

11 Months Old

(side note: Landry was not in the mood to take these pictures today, so this is the best we got!)
Oh my goodness, it is so hard to believe that one month from today our baby will be a year old! I have been really emotional lately when it comes to Landry, and have really been clingy to her and just wanting to kiss her big cheeks and love all over her. Here are some of the things we are doing this month.
1. We are thisclose to walking! She took 4 steps the other day and every time we think she is going to just take off, she plops right down on the floor. We hold our breaths every time she goes so as to not spook her!
2. She has always been a mommas girl, but these last few weeks she is starting to branch out and want to go to other people. It has been really nice. She still makes sure momma is always within reach, but it is nice for her to let other family members love on her too.
3. She has gotten really shy. My child definitely has my personality in that she never met a stranger, but lately she will bury her head in my shoulder and look away when someone tries to talk to her.
4. It has become impossible to change her diaper. The moment the dirty one comes off she rolls over and is gone! This makes it really hard when it is just me changing it or if I'm at a restaurant on those little tables they give you to change a baby on. Side note: have you ever noticed that they always put them right by the door? I was in one the other day changing her, and got hit in the bottom two times by the opening of a door. Anyways, it takes two people these days to change her successfully.
5. Everything and everyone is da-da. It is the only thing she will say right now. We are trying to teach her other words and she will repeat them, but then goes right back to da-da. If you show her a picture, and it is not Tim she will still point and say da-da!
I love you Landry Kate and I am so anxious and sad for the next month to go by.

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