Friday, January 29, 2010

Less than 1 week...

...until Landry turns ONE!!! Yesterday, her caregiver called me and told me that she woke up from her nap with some stuff in her eye, and that I might want to come get her and take her to the doctor. The doctor said it is a sinus infection and an ear infection! Luckily, she isn't acting like she feels bad, so that is good. We are giving her plenty of antibiotics and she is sleeping a lot, so hopefully she will feel better by her party next weekend! Here we are at the doctors office playing with our favorite toy, mommy's phone.

Since I was home, and we are in the middle of a downpour right now, I decided to take advantage and clean out my cabinets. Landry of course wanted to help, so this is her in the middle of it.

She would hand me the bowls and such when I would point to it. Then, when all the cabinets were cleared out, she decided it would be fun to climb into the cabinets and play hide n go seek.
Where is Landry?

There she is!

This is her after she woke up from her afternoon nap to eat. Poor thing, she just looks pitiful :(

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valeri said...

Don't even ask me how I stumbled on to your blog (actually I saw Dani on Erika Atkinson's friends list on Fb)! It is the first time I have seen Landry and what a beauty she is!! It looks like you and your family are doing great. I look forward to watching LKS grow via blog. tell your Mother 'Hi" for me too. I miss seeing her and chatting with her in the salon about the Irving Rambler!! Happy 2010