Monday, April 11, 2011


For our 5 year anniversary, Tim and I decided we needed to do something just the two of us and just getaway.  Neither of us had been on a cruise before, so we figured that was just the thing to do. 
We had lots of opinions when it came time to decide which cruiseline to go on, and we went with Carnival.  It did not dissapoint.  It was just the thing we needed.
We left out of Galveston port so we took a little road trip
Galveston is not the prettiest beach, but I love the way this town looks. 
Here is our boat!
Tim surprised me with an oceanview room! 
It was so nice to wake up and look out at the ocean
Bon Voyage!
For 5 blissful days, this was my view
The cruise had the best drinks in the cutest cups
We bought a few and brought them back for Landry to use and she loves them!
The boat had a water slide on it, and Tim and I took full advantage of it!
One of the ports that we stopped at was Cozumel.
We did the swim with the dolphins excursion.
I will elaborate more on this later.
It deserves it's own post!
While in Cozumel, we stopped at Senor Frogs
All in all, it was a fantastic time!
5 years have come and gone and I have had some of the best times these past 5 years with Tim.
He is my best friend and the father of my child.
I couldn't make it through a single day without him and I am so glad he is my partner in this life!


The Shull Family said...

How fun!!!! You guys looked like you were having a blast! Love to you!

Love, Dani said...

I love that last picture of you two! Love you both

Boozer Bunch said...

So glad you guys got to get away, so fun!

The Vaughans said...

Looks like a blast! Happy anniversary :)

Blaire said...

Love this!! We are considering a cruise ourselves. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)