Monday, April 18, 2011

The last couple of weekends

Last weekend we went to dinner with my family at our favorite restaurant, Mi Cocina. 
Love this girl, who gets married in 4 months, and some odd days!
What would I do without my 2 girls?
Sunday, we went to Tim's parents house and after dinner, Debbie was cleaning up and Landry wanted to help.
Here is my little helper
Tim's grandmother was staying there for the weekend and had ice cream for dessert and you know who had to have a bite.  I love this picture because poor Mama was trying to put the bite in her mouth and swiper grabbed it and stuck in her mouth!
Friday, I took Landry to McDonalds for lunch to run off some steam.
Taking her there reminded me of when my mom used to take us when we were younger.
Something about McDonalds just makes me happy and now makes my daughter happy!
Friday night, we celebrated Debbie and Stephanie's birthdays with some yummy Babe's food.
Would you just look at this table full of food?
Landry loved the food!
Gosh, I realized I take way too many pictures of my child when she looks at my camera and they are looking at the right one!
Landry loves her Aunt Steffie!
We are teaching Landry to look both ways when we cross the street and we walked over the railroad tracks to get to the car and she was teaching Bumpa to look both ways!
Then after dinner, as if that wasn't enough food, I brought over a cookie cake.
Happy Birthday Memo and Aunt Steffie, we love you!
(Notice where Landry's eyes are averted to?)
Saturday night, Dani threw a party for all the girls in her wedding party.
It was so much fun, and it gave everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other before all the wedding festivities begin.
I can't believe my baby sister will be married soon
These are all of Dani's sisters!
Angie is Bobby's sister, Kristen is Bobby's sister in law and then me!
I made my mom's yummy banana pudding
Sunday, we needed a day of relaxing and that's just what we did
Here's to fun and relaxing weekends!

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Love, Dani said...

I can't believe I am getting married either! lol. Love you too