Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday my mom, dad, Landry and I set out for the
big city of Clyde, TX.
My cousin Brett plays basketball there and is a senior
so he only has one more game left!
We figured we better get out there to see him play.
He is really good.
Landry loved watching him play
After the game we went to dinner with the family
and celebrated Aunt Karen's Birthday!
Guess who helped her open her presents?

Saturday night we took Landry out for a Valentine's dinner.
When we got home her daddy surprised her and I with our
favorite treat! 
I love chocolate covered strawberries and get them every year
and now Tim buys them for her too!

Sunday we went over to Tim's parents house
for a yummy dinner.
Look who ate her first rib!
She loved it!
When we got home this was happening!
It was snowing!
What a lovely way to end a lovely weekend!

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