Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Sun Weekend

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend.
We went to my parents house Friday night
and laid out all day Saturday.
Wearing our sunnies ready to go swim!
We swam all day!
She loved laying on the float with me
Sunday we went to Tim's parents house, but we were all so
tired that we didn't even lay out!
Monday we spent the day just the three of us!
I love days like these. 
I love my little family.
Landry's new thing is to play airplane.
We pack up all our things and go sit on her bed and fly on the airplane.
She loves it. 
She even knows we have to take our shoes off
to go through the TSA!
I love my little girl


Mix and Match Mama said...

Love the last picture!!! You girls are so s sweet!! Next weekend, I'm in Boston but then after that, we're open all summer. Let's play together a lot!

Amber Massey said...

Ya'll are so cute!