Sunday, July 8, 2012


So, last weekend I got a whim that
I wanted to go to North Carolina to visit
the Thomas family.
Landry and I flew out Wednesday afternoon
Luckily the flights were wide open so we got a row to
ourselves, and this is how she sat most of the way there!
I wish I had a picture of Melissa's face when they pulled up to the
airport to get us!  She was shocked and had no clue we were coming.
It was a great surprise.
Thursday we decide to take the kids to the zoo.
First we had to stop and get some Chick Fil A
and of course they loved it!
When I tell you that it was hot, I mean it!
I don't think I have sweated that much since drill team camp!
Looking at the monkey
They were so hot and tired after, that this is the way they slept
the whole way home!
They perked up though when we told them we were stopping for pizza!
They wanted to sit next to each other, so Melissa and I joked it was their first date!
Friday we took the kids to their local childrens museum, Marbles.
Landry loved it!
Making Melissa some food!
Riding in the basket at Target
For dinner Friday night we went to a hibachi restaurant.
The kids loved watching the "chef man" cook.
Then afterwards, we took them for ice cream.
After ice cream we took them to the local park
Then, Saturday we had to go home.
I was a little sad leaving them.
We had such a good time and we miss them so much.
This was my favorite picture from the whole time we were there.
Landry and Austin took to each other as if no time had passed.
We love you guys!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What a sweet trip! Such cute pictures of you all!!