Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our weekend

Thursday night we met the Shull family at one of
our favorite restaurants. 
We have not seen them in a while and we were due!
I love this family so much.
Shay and I have known each other since junior
high and have been friends since we were in
drill team together in high school.
Our kids had the best time sitting on the barstools
The girls got some banana pudding for dessert
Love both these girls!

Saturday night we had family date night.
We went to dinner at Mattito's and then went to a yogurt
place we have been wanting to try.
It did not dissapoint!

Sunday we went over to Dani and Bobby's house to swim.
Landry loved this float and made it her own little pool.
Isn't Dani and Bobby's dog Bullet adorable?
She was watering Pop's head!
This is how a 3 year old ends up after no nap and a full day of swimming!

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