Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Disney-Day 5

Wednesday was 12-12-12!
My dad wanted us to have a special day so
I planned a special day indeed!
We started off at Chef Mickey's in the
Contemporary Hotel for breakfast.
Landry only wanted to see 3 characters on this trip, Minnie,
Pluto and Cinderella.  Here we are meeting Pluto!
So, when Dani and I were younger, Epcot did this
program where you could have your picture made
and they would put it in the park for all to see.
This picture is the bane of Dani's existence.
She hates the picture of herself and so we like to
make fun of her for it!
My dad has us take a picture by it everytime we go.
We decided we wanted to do an adults only dinner, so
we dropped Landry off at this really cool kids club
and went back to Epcot for a nice steak dinner.
Epcot at night is so pretty!
It was so nice being able to take my time to eat and enjoy
my families company.
We love each other a lot and love spending time
with one another!
12-12-12 turned out to be a really fun day!

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