Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hayden is 8 Months old!

Today, our little man is 8 months old!  


Hayden is at such a fun age right now.  I look forward to picking him up from school every afternoon, because I know when I walk into school, he will have a huge smile on his face!  



He is still eating 4 bottles a day with 8 oz. in each bottle.  Hayden has some of the cutest little quirks, and one of them is when I’m feeding him his bottle, he crosses his legs.  It’s so funny.  


He is also eating cereal and fruit/vegetables twice a day.  He loves all the fruits and vegetables we have tried so far.  I’m hoping he stays liking all types of food and doesn’t become picky!


We are still doing puffs and yogurt bites as snacks, and he loves both!


We also tried the strainer this month with some watermelon in it, and he loved it!  


He also tried rice for the first time last week, and loved it too!  


And last week we tried a baby numnum and he loves them!


So basically, he will shove anything in his mouth and eat it!



He is sitting up really well now.  It is so nice to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and let him entertain himself.  He loves it!


He is such a happy baby!  The number one question I get asked is “is he always this happy?” The answer is yes!  He is always smiling and happy.  


So, I took a picture last week and Tim threatened me within an inch of my life if I showed it, so I won’t be posting that one, but I will show you his head.  Landry loves to play dress up, and now that she has Hayden to dress up, he is not exempt from being dressed up like a girl!  And of course, I’m there to document it!



He is still sleeping about 12-13 hours a night.  He is such a great sleeper!  I put him down at about 6-6:30 for bedtime, and he sleeps until 6:30 the next morning during the week and from about 8:00-8:30 on the weekends.  He is also taking two naps a day still.  His naps are about 2 hours each.  


Some things that happened this month:


Spending some cuddle time with mama


He loves angel!  

He loves to pull on her ears.  

She loves to sit by his high chair and wait for food to drop.  

It’s a win win for both of them.


As I said, my parents got a new swing set, and he loved it!  


Last week, I realized it had been a year since we found out we were welcoming a boy to our family.  I love having my boy!


Sometimes, I’m reminded that he is still my baby


Oh my goodness, I love him so much!  There are days where I feel like time is going way too fast.  I just want to slow down and enjoy my kiddos more.  God has been so wonderful to bless them to me.  


Mix and Match Mama said...

Goodness! He is so big and handsome! I can't believe how quickly he's grown!

Sam said...

Hi Kara, my name is Sam. I am from Queensland, Australia. I found your blog through Shay Shull. I have just loved reading about your life and all that you share. I went right back to the start, so I have read every post. I loved it all. I love how happy you are. Your kids are just so precious as is all your family. oh, and your sweet puppy dog, I love that you love dogs. I do too. Thank you and keep them coming. xoxo