Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fair Day

We have had such a fun weekend!

On Friday, Tim and I had the opportunity to have a date night. Thanks to Tim's wonderful sister, Stephanie, we got to go see Couples Retreat. It was really good. Thank you Steph for watching Landry, it was so nice for Tim and I to be able to get out of the house just the two of us!

Saturday, we went to the fair with my mom and dad. I absolutely love the fair, and I hope to pass this love down to my daughter. We of course had to take a picture in front of Big Tex!

Then, by chance, as we were walking towards the car exhibits Tim saw the actual Big Tex! This is the man that is his voice. Tim had seen him on some special and recognized him. After mom and I got our picture with him, everyone else started to recognize him and followed suit.

Here is mom and I with the famous Fletcher's Corny Dog. My favorite!

I decided to try the fried butter. It wasn't too bad, but you definitely need to like butter to eat it.

After that, I wanted to take Landry on a ride, and there was only one that would allow a baby on there, so we got to ride! At first, she wasn't so sure and held on to my hand for dear life, but then warmed up and like it.

Mom and I got to test drive one of the new Chevy cars.

Landry had so much fun, that we wore her out!

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katy said...

How much fun!! It's been forever since I've been to the fair. At least 9 years. I need to go back. Great pictures and I can't BELIEVE you tried the fried butter!