Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night, Play Room, Joe T's, Babes and a Goodbye

You know how some weekends are slow and you just sit around twiddiling your thumbs and relaxing while you take naps in between relaxing?  Well, this weekend was not one of those weekends.  Our weekend was BUSY!!!  We crammed so much into 48 hours, I don't even know where to begin. 
Friday night Tim and I decided to drop this little girl off at Grandma and Grandpa's house
(wearing pigtails for the first time!)
While momma and daddy went on a date night.  It was a much needed time for the both of us.  Our lives have been so chaotic lately that it was nice to just relax at dinner (and not have someone eating off my plate and getting bored after 20 minutes).  I love my girl, but sometimes you just need that time with your spouse.
Saturday, we transformed our guest room into a play room.  I will definately post pictures once this new playroom does not look like a tornado has already hit it
(I kid you not, Sunday it already looked like a true "playroom")
Saturday night, we went with my parents to our favorite spot, Joe T Garcias!  We love this place solely for the atmosphere it creates.  We also loved it because it keeps very busy toddlers occupied! 
Sunday, we went to lunch at Babes where Landry decided to entertain the people waiting to get in and eat
She loves the music playing outside and was dancing.  My girl has become a dancing fool.  She can now find the button and turn on her radio in her room and automatically will start dancing.  It is so cute.

Sunday night, we went to a Farewell dinner for Robbie, Melissa and Austin.  They are moving back home and the Smith's could not be more sad.

(they were looking for the dog)
I will be writing more on that later. 
Phew, I am so tired, I need a weekend from my weekend!

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