Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I rode a roller coaster at the fair

I have a lot of memories from my childhood.  Whenever my family gets together and we play the "do you remember when" game, I can always finish the story.  One of my favorite childhood memories involves the fair.  My grandparents had taken the whole family, and my Grandaddy being the person that he is, bought a ton of tickets.  If you have ever been to the State Fair of Texas, you know once you buy the tickets, you cannot sale them back.  They are yours and you either "use em, or lose em".  There we were at the end of the day with probably 40 tickets left over and we had to use them.  If you could of seen my sisters and I's eyes when he told us to get as much food as we wanted, we were in Heaven!  To this day, we still talk about walking out of the fair sick to our stomachs from all that food. 
I love going to the fair.  It is a tradition every year.  I'm hoping Landry will someday love it as much as I do.  When you walk in, you have to take the "stand in front of Big Tex" picture. 
Here we are from 2008
The one thing everyone knows about the fair is that you throw away your diet for a day.  Boy, did we!
Just look at all this healthy food the fair provides!
My girl got to have her first Fletchers corny dog and she loved it. 
We stopped by the Little Hands on the Farm this year.  Landry loved it.  They put on their aprons, gathered some corn and fed the "chickens".  We went in thinking this was going to be real animals, but it was just some stuffed ones that made the noise.  Kind of creepy, but they loved it.  At the end, they give you a dollar for selling all your feed at the market and you can buy something in the store.  Landry loved handing her dollar over and buying some fruit snacks. 
We had a blast this year.  It was way crowded, and HOT, but it was fun.  So fun, that this was Landry as we were walking out. 
See ya next year, Big Tex!


Robbie and Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so so jealous!! That was one of my favorite things in TX - the FAIR!!!! And, the yummy corn dogs! sniff sniff, oh well!

Jenna Vineyard said...

Kara, she is so cute! :) Hope all is well with your bunch!