Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things you've missed

Oh my goodness, we have been crazy busy the last week.  Here is a rundown of the things that have been going on:
1. We got to babysit Maddy last weekend while my parents went out of town. 
2. We cheered our Texas Rangers into the World Series
3. We went to Grammy and Grandaddy's House 
4. We helped Mommy at the grocery store 
 5. We hung out with Brady and Charley Boozer
 6. We had a Mommy Daughter lunch date
7. I got to go to Nashville to work the ramp 
So, that's about all you've missed.  We have been going, going, going lately.  More to come!


The Shull Family said...

Hello? "To work the ramp"??? I'm sorry but I think that one phrase needs a post to itself. Details, please!

Love, Dani said...

I cant wait to have my girl this whole weekend. Thursday night can not come fast enough for me!