Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Magical trip to Disneyworld!

On Thursday, my mom, dad, Landry,
Tim and I left for Orlando to spend a long
weekend at Disneyworld!
In case you haven't noticed my family
loves Disney! 
Watch out for picture overload!
We flew in Thursday morning and the captain
let Landry come up to the cockpit and take a picture!
After we got to Orlando we went to the outlet
mall and let Landry play on the playground
Friday we drove to Daytona for my dad and Tim.
Then we drove down the coast
Friday night we went to Downtown Disney and ate
at House of Blues
I got a chocolate covered strawberry at Ghirardelli
and it was yummy!
I took Landry on the carousel
And thus begins our trip to the parks!
Saturday morning we went to a character breakfast at one
of the resorts and we thought Landry would just love seeing
Minnie Mouse.  However that is a different story.
As soon as Minnie walked out, Landry freaked out and got out
of her highchair and into Tim's arms as fast as she could.
Here is the only picture we got.
Mimi and Pop with Minnie
Our first park was Epcot
They were having their wine and food festival
going on and dad and I shared a yummy apple strudel from Germany!
Then I had fish and chips from England
Here I am pointing to Dani's and I's picture up on the wall there.
I hated not having her there with me on the other side.
We took Landry on the Finding Nemo ride and after you are done
they have an aquarium you can walk around in
Mommy and Landry in the sharks mouth!
Landry and I on our last ride of the night.
Landry was a trooper.
She made it all day with nothing but little cat naps
and did awesome!
On Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom
and took Landry on the teacups!
We let Tim take the reigns and spin us
and she loved every minute of it!
Pop and her rode the Dumbo ride.
This has kind of become their tradition.
She loved this ride!
We got a special treat this trip.
It just so happened that the Thomas family was visiting her sister and the
new baby and they came to the park on the same day we did!
We haven't seen them in over a year and we really miss them.
Melissa and I couldn't get over how big the kids have gotten
We love the Thomas family and miss them so much!
Here we are watching the parade go by
in our new ears
Waving at all the characters
While the parade was going on, Daddy decided to get
his hair cut at the old fashioned barber shop they have
For our last night there we went to the
Polynesian hotel to eat at Ohana.
We love this restaurant and always eat there when we go.
We had to wait for a little while until we could sit down
and Tim was entertaining Landry for us.
My parents bought Landry this Mickey Mouse and
she carried it everywhere! 
During the dinner they ask all the kids to come up
and dance and play games and Mimi took Landry
to play in the game.
Eating some yummy bread pudding and ice cream
We had such a good trip and hated leaving, but we left knowing
that we are coming back next year!
I cannot wait to see what that trip will bring!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What a fun trip you had!! So many adorable pictures! I love your girl's giant smile in every single photo :). So sweet! Love you all!