Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving of 2011

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone
and we had a very succesful one.
Here is just a glimpse into our holiday.

You can't go grocery shopping at Target without a Starbucks, right?
Last Wednesday night we went out with our family
for our annual Birthday dinner for Tim and Bobby.
We started this tradition years ago and it's nice to go out the
night before Thanksgiving and not have to cook!
Grandaddy was our savior and fed and played
 with Landry and really helped us out!
Love him.
Her favorite game was Skeeball
After that she wanted to ride the motorcycle
Then she and I rode the roller coaster ride
This is the prize that Tim won her

It's Thanksgiving morning!
After some parade watching a coffee drinking
I got the house ready.
This year I hosted our parents and Stephanie for dinner.
Landry with her Aunt Steph
Tim helped fry the turkey and it was yummy!
Landry with her grandparents
We hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

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