Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Choo-Choo

Hello and Happy December 1st!
Today marks the first day of my favorite month of the year.
We have a lot planned for this month and I love it!

I have been seeing this Elf on the Shelf all over and thought
it would be a neat concept for Landry this year.
She is going through one of the hardest phases yet and
I thought it would a good concept for her to think
an elf is watching everything you do and reports back to Santa.
Meet Choo-Choo
Yes, Choo-Choo. 
If you know my daughter you know her obsession with trains. 
So of course when we got him out of the box and
I told her she could name it, she said "he choo-choo".

Today also markes the first day of our advent calendar.
Landry has been waiting until we could move the candy cane to day 1.
With every day we move this I want to record a blessing in the our lives.
Today's blessing is my Grammy.
Tonight we celebrated her 75th Birthday!
Grammy is such a blessing in our lives and
Landry absolutely adores her.
Happy December 1st!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Our elf is Buddy. I bet Buddy and Choo-Choo are besties at the North Pole. :)

The Vaughans said...

Landry is so cute! Happy December!