Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

Or as Tim and I like to refer to it, 700 miles for 7 Christmases.  Tim and I are blessed to be able to see all our family at Christmas.  We love it, but we sure are tired by the end.  I took over 200 pictures in 4 days if that tells you anything.  Don't worry, I'm not posting all 200.  I'm just going to post a few from each Christmas and where Choo-Choo ended up each day. 
Thursday night we went out to look at Christmas lights
while Choo-Choo hung from the ceiling fan
Friday we caught Choo-Choo hanging out in the Christmas tree
Just 2 more nights waiting on Santa!
Friday night we celebrated Christmas with my dad's family.
Landry really got into opening gifts this year
and helped everyone open their's.
She loves my grandparents puppies
and gives them kisses all the time
Her big gift this year from them was a car.
It has a wagon attached on the back so she can carry her babies too
Friday night we spent the night at Tim's parents
house and woke up Saturday morning to some fun stuff!
Look who flew to Memo and Bumpa's house!
They got Landry an easel and some fun toys
Helping everyone open their gifts
Christmas Eve we went to Tim's aunts house.
Landry got the cutest dog and named it Snowball
She also got a baby bed for her room
Christmas Eve when we got home we decided to put our
p.j's on and jump into bed and watch the Santa tracker
Waiting on Santa!
Christmas morning we woke up to some fun stuff from Santa
We went shopping a few days before Christmas so Landry
could get something for Tim.
As we were walking through Target she saw this thing that you
put on your dresser to organize your keys and wallet and had to have it for dada.
I realized through this whole month that my biggest blessing
of all is my family of three.  That and the Lord who gave them to me.
There is a tree that Landry and I pass every morning and afternoon
on our way to and from work.  She loves it.  It's huge and at night it is
lit up and has a huge star on top.  I tried to teach Landry this year that the star represents
Jesus and that he is the reason for the season.  Everytime we passed it she would scream
out "baby Jesus".  Adorable. 
Choo-Choo hung around for a little bit Christmas morning
then flew back to the North Pole
Christmas afternoon we spent some time with Tim's grandmother
and opened some gifts from her and gave her our gifts to her
Christmas night we went to my parents house to do
Christmas with them.
My dad gets us gifts every year just from him and this year he
got Dani a Kindle and me a new bag and boots. 
Landry had such an awesome Christmas this year and we got some
good things.  Seeing Christmas through her eyes is so much
better than I could of imagined.
Merry Christmas 2011 from the Smith Family

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What a special weekend! Love you all!!