Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Week's Worth of Blessings

So, this week I have been a bad blogger.
I have been so busy that I haven't even
gotten to blog about my blessings this week.
Here are all the places Choo-Choo has landed
And here is Landry with Advent Calendar Santa

As for my blessings for the week.
I have been blessed abundantly but I only have a few pictures to show for it.
There are 3 people that I have been blessed wth this week.

Amy is my hairdresser.
I met her through Dani and she has quickly become one of my favorite people.
I love getting my hair done and chit-chatting with her.
Now that Landry is getting her haircut,
I wouldn't have anyone but Amy do it.
The next blessing in my life came to me a couple of years ago.
Tim and I were searching for someone to watch Landry while we worked
and we prayed long and hard to find someone who would care for her and love her.
When I found Dolores she came highly reccomended and I knew we had found the right person.
Friday was her last day to keep Landry.  I'm off for the next couple of weeks
and Landry starts her new school in January so we are done with this chapter in her life.
Dolores has been so good to us and has really done a good job with Landry.
We will be sad to not see her face every day
My next blessing should come as no surprise to anyone.
It is my new brother in law Bobby.
I absolutely adore him.
We had a surprise party for him last night at his brothers house
and he was really surprised!
This is the only picture Tim could get of him so you can't
see his face but he was surprised!
Bobby is definately a blessing in my life and has been for
7 years.  I love him as if he was my own brother.
I'm off work for a few weeks and I'm spending some
good TLC time with my hubby and favorite girl!
That in itself is a blessing!

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