Sunday, December 11, 2011

When in need... on your parents!
Yesterday as Tim and I set out to do some shopping,
we took Landry and thought it was a great idea.
Boy, were we wrong!
She was not in the mood to shop and it made it
10 times more difficult for us.
In comes my parents.
Luckily, they had no plans so we dropped her off there
and then Tim and I had a nice dinner and finished our shopping!
My blessing for yesterday was definately my parents!
Choo-Choo was hanging out by the front door
yesterday just waiting for visitors!

Today was our annual daddy daughter shopping day. 
Dani and I have been going with my dad
to shop for my mom for 20 years now. 
We love it.
This year we went to Southlake Town center
and got her some good stuff. 
My blessing for today was this.
I love spending time with my sister and my dad!
Choo-Choo hung out on the stairs today

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Anonymous said...

I love spending time with my girls! This is one of my best days every year.