Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Blessings from the Weekend

This weekend we were blessed abundantly.
My parents and Tim and I were able to get away for a
few days and go to Austin to go to the outlets and shop!
We had such a good time and even got to visit another
Man vs. Food restaurant.
We love that show and anytime we are going out of town we
scope out if he's been there to eat somewhere.
We went to a place called the Salt Lick.
It was some yummy BBQ.
And some yummy blackberry cobbler!
Sunday morning on the way home we stopped at Round Rock Donuts
Mom and I eating our yummy donuts!
While we were gone our girl was in good hands.
Our blessings for the weekend were Aunt Steph and Dani.
Friday night, Stephanie had her at our house.
She took her to dinner
Look where Choo-Choo landed!
Oh I missed that sweet face all weekend!
Saturday night Dani had her and took her to
Rainforest Cafe
Then she took her for chocolate chip pancakes Sunday morning!
She was definitely taken care of all weekend.
Thank you Steph and Dani for keeping our girl in good hands!

Yesterday afternoon after we got back we went to
a Christmas party at my parents friends house.
Santa was there!
All week we have been discussing Santa and telling Landry
that we were going to see him and she gets so excited and acts
like she really wants to see him.  The minute we stepped foot in the door
she clung to Tim and I.  She screamed the instant she saw him and wouldn't
even be in the same room as him!  Poor thing.
Everytime we ask her what she wants from Santa she says books and
yesterday she told me that she doesn't need books now!  Poor thing just
didn't want to ask Santa for them.  I told her I would tell Santa for her!
Grammy took care of that for me and told him what Landry wanted!
We had such a good time!
Afterwards we went over to Tim's parents house to decorate their tree.
Landry has gotten to decorate 3 trees now, she's getting pretty good at it!
Such a blessed weekend!

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Robbie and Melissa said...

Kara- I love her black party dress, soo cute! I also love the new family pictures, who took them? Miss you!