Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Days Worth of Blessings

Well yesterday was such a blur that I did not
even have time to blog about our daily blessing.
My blessing for yesterday was what I was so busy with.
I love the girls that I work with and since there are so
few of us in our department we always try and take the
time to go out together and do stuff. 
Last night we went to eat a yummy dinner at Saint Ann's restaurant
and then we went to see A Christmas Carol at the theatre.
We had such a good time and the play was really good!
I am so blessed to work with such wonderful ladies!
Choo-Choo was trying to hitch a ride with
Santa to the North Pole yesterday
Daily advent picture

Today I caught Choo-Choo in my candles
Todays blessing is one of my new favorite things to do.
Landry has really taken an interest in the kitchen
especially if I'm baking.
So tonight, I decided to make something that she
could help me with.  We made english muffin pizzas.
They were super easy and she loved putting the
pepperoni and cheese on them.
I love my time with her and count it as one of my many blessings!

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Amber Massey said...

Yum! I love English Muffin Pizzas!