Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July in Galveston

This past weekend, Tim parents, my parents and us loaded up and headed to Galveston for our annual July 4th trip.  We love going to Galveston for a long weekend.  It’s the perfect area to go to for just a few days.  And this year, we ventured out and tried something new!


Here we are, ready to load up and head out!


We took two cars. My parents, Landry and Debbie in one car, and Tim, Mike, myself and Hayden in the other car.  I got to see this sweet face the whole way there!


Friday was beach day, and Hayden’s first time to get in the ocean!


He wasn’t crazy about the waves, but he loved just sitting in my lap in the water.


That night on the 4th, we did our annual crab boil and then walked to the water to watch the fireworks they have there.  


Hayden could have cared less about the fireworks, and fell asleep just before they started!


Saturday, we decided to go to the Pleasure Pier for the first time.  They built it a few years ago, and we always say we want to go, but never have.  I’m glad we chose this year.  Landry was the right height to do all the rides!  I’m a roller coaster junkie, and no one in my family will ever ride them with me, but Landry loves them and now I have my riding partner!


Saturday evening, we went to a nice dinner at Landry’s restaurant.  Our Landry got such a kick out of a restaurant with her name on it.  


After dinner, we went and changed and went back to the pier to ride a few rides.  Landry got to choose 5 rides and her last one was this kiddie ride!  She had ridden some of the biggest rides there, but the one she really wanted to ride was this one!


Sunday morning, we loaded up and headed back home.  Again, I got to sit in the back with this smiley boy!


I had such a great time on this trip.  My family is so important to me, and I love the fact that Tim’s parents join us and love going too!  But, the best thing to me was getting 4 uninterrupted days with my people.  I love these kiddos so much!


And spending time with my hubby and kids is not a bad way to spend my vacation!

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Dani Lewis said...

Looks like y'all had a blast. love you all