Thursday, July 10, 2014

Smith summer of fun week 2!

This summer is flying by!  We are having so much fun getting our summer bucket list complete.  In the last week we have completed the following:


We went to the Library.  


Landry loves going to the library, so this was an easy one.  We got some fun books and movies for the car ride down to Galveston.  


We saw fireworks.  


While we were in Galveston, they have an annual fireworks show on the water, and we walked down and sat on a big bench and watched the show.  


We rode a roller coaster!


This one was a fun one!  At first, when I added this to the list I assumed we would be going to Six Flags sometime this summer, but then when we got to the pier and I saw that roller coaster, I knew it was the perfect one for our list!  At first, Landry was gung ho about it, but then when we got up there and sat in the ride, she started to get a little scared.  Unfortunately, there was no time to be scared because once they strapped you in, we were off!  Luckily, two little girls sat next to Landry and told her that it was fun, and that made it a little better for her.  She ended up loving it!  She talked about it for the rest of the day!


We baked homemade cookies!


Lately, we’ve been making homemade brownies to send with daddy to work for the guys that work for him.  But this week we decided to check another item off the bucket list and made him homemade funfetti cookies.  They were a hit!  


So far, we are having such a good time checking these items off our list.  I love spending time with them and seeing what all there is new for us to explore and do!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What sweet pictures of you and your babies! That last one of Landry baking cookies is just PRECIOUS! Love you guys!