Friday, July 11, 2014

Hayden is 9 months old!

Hayden is 9 months old today!  So, he’s been out in our lives as long as he was in my belly.  I’m not sure which one went by faster.  I couldn’t love this boy more if I tried!  He is the sweetest, happiest baby.


Eating: He is still eating four bottles a day.  The first three are 8 oz. bottles, and his last one is usually 4 oz.  He is also eating cereal three times a day.  He loves his cereal!  We are also trying to give him a few things from our plates just to see what he likes and doesn’t like.  We tried Mexican rice and beans the other day, he loves pancakes and waffles and French fries are a favorite as well.


Playing: He loves to sit on the floor and have toys around him and play with each and every one.  Most of the toys end up in his mouth because we also have a top tooth coming through!


Sleeping: He is still sleeping about 12 hours a night and taking two naps a day.  Each nap can last anywhere from one hour to three hours!  He slept so well on our vacation!  He was in his pack and play in mine and Tim’s room, and I put him in there about an hour before we went to bed each night, and he never made a peep.  I love that he is such a good sleeper.  Makes my life so much easier!


Biggest Milestone this Month: This month we are officially saying “dada” and pretty sure “mama” also.  


Here are some things we did this month with our boy:


We made a Target run, and Hayden can finally sit up well enough to sit with Landry in the double cart!  


He loved watching big sister do her swim lessons!


Going to the grocery store is not easy with these two, but it makes it easier now that he can sit in the car buggy with her.


This boy always has a smile on his face…


…unless big sister wants to hold him and he is not in the mood!


He went on a road trip this month to Galveston and put his toes in the sand for the first time.  Like I said, he wasn’t too crazy about it, but he did love sitting under the umbrella and playing with the beach toys.  


He loved watching the fireworks with mama, that is until he fell asleep!


As I was looking in the mirror with my boy, I remembered taking an almost identical picture last year.  Here is July 4th 2013 and 2014!  What a difference a year makes, huh?

I can’t say it enough how in love with this boy we all are!  He lights up our little world.  Love, love, love the time we spend together.

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Mix and Match Mama said...

He has the sweetest little smile. I mean...really and truly, the sweetest little smile. I can't believe how fast he's growing!! Love!!