Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014 recap

Well, here it is, three weeks after Christmas and I finally have time to type out our Christmas shenanigans.  I took two weeks off of work to have a break and spend time with Landry and Hayden.  I absolutely loved my time with them.  I loved not having a schedule and spending the days playing and having fun with the people I love the most.  Tim took off some days too, so needless to say, having all four of us home was super fun!  Today I’m going to share our Christmas pictures and tomorrow I’ll post things we did over the break.


So, after I married Tim and acquired a set of in-laws we now do six Christmases!  Yes, six.  So, we start on the 23rd and don’t stop until four days later.  To say that we are exhausted would be an understatement, but I love seeing family.  I have such sweet family members and I love seeing Tim’s family that we don’t see on a regular basis.  


On the 23rd we head over to my Grammy’s house.  We started this tradition of doing Christmas Eve Eve with them years ago.  We all bring yummy appetizers and wine and sit around and eat then we get down to the business of opening presents.  Hayden was so fun this year.  It’s so funny what he picks up at this age.  Every time he would open a gift, he would say “ohhh”.  It was hilarious.  He knew when we were opening a present for him and didn’t care what it was; he had the best time walking around and pulling tissue paper out of the bags.  


Landry got the pretty pretty princess game from my Aunt Diane and Stephanie and she loved it!

My “baby” cousins who are now way taller than me.  How did I end up the shortest of all the cousins?  

Christmas Eve morning we wake up and head over to Tim’s parent’s house in our pajamas.  I love this tradition strictly because I don’t have to get dressed or fix my hair or put on makeup.  The kids got some fun things from Tim’s family this year.  


My girl and I in our matching shirt!


Christmas Eve night we headed over to Tim’s aunts house to see them.  I didn’t get too many pictures mainly because Hayden was in my lap the whole time.  


But I did manage to get a family pic, albeit a bad one, but you win some, you lose some, right?  

Yay!  Its Christmas morning!  Santa came!  And what did he bring Landry this year?  

 Yep, Santa dropped a trampoline from his sleigh in our backyard (at least that’s the story we are going with).  Landry was so excited!  Hayden, not so much.  He has no clue what to do.

 But, he does love what Santa brought him.  


I snapped this picture because it makes my heart happy to see them sitting across from Tim and I opening their presents.  It was just so fun to see them “ooh” and “ahh” over what they got.  

Christmas night we headed over to my parents house.  I’ve said this before on here, but I love my family!  We were super close growing up and remain close to this day.  We even have our own family text group and pretty much talk every day.  I love it!  So, this year we decided to open presents first and then eat. 


My sister had drawn on chalk paper for each of her nieces and nephews.  Landry got Peppa the Pig and Hayden got a bear because at the time bear was one of the only words he could say.  

 Again, my kids got some great toys.  They are so lucky!

My parents are such a great example of still being as in love with each other as the day they got married, love them!


Friday we spent the day in our pj’s and then woke up early Saturday morning to head to Clyde to see my aunt and her family.  This family makes me laugh till my sides hurt.  When we get together it is a riot.  


Our cousin’s picture.  See what I mean by me being the shortest?  Oh well.  The funniest thing about this picture though is my daughter.  Let’s play Where’s Landry?  She totally photobombed us and I love it!  

 Don’t know where Hayden was during this picture but I love it anyways.  


We had such a fantastic Christmas.  Made some great memories and laughed until I peed my pants.  Now, that’s a good Christmas right there!  

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Dani Lewis said...

You can so tell I had the flu at Grammy's! I look awful. Ugh. Love all the pictures of your family though. Love you.