Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Christmas Break

So, since I had two weeks off with the kids I wanted to make sure we fit some fun things in along with all the Christmas activities.  My kiddos are pretty far apart in age so I find it difficult to find things both of them are into.  We made it work though!


On the Friday that school got out I left work early and went up to Landry’s school to help with her class party.  I love her teacher this year.  She is a very seasoned kindergarten teacher and has been really good with Landry.  I prayed hard over the summer for Landry to get a teacher who would take good care of her for me but also have the right amount of discipline that Landry needs to learn.  She is definitely those things.  I loved being able to meet all of Landry’s friends and I heard some of the funniest things come out of these five year olds mouths.  


On Sunday the 21st my hubby turned 33.  Tim is a very behind the scenes kind of guy and hates being fussed over or any attention made to him (I guess it’s good that he married me then :)) so we went over to his parent’s house along with my parents and just did a quiet dinner with cake.  It was wonderful.  


I love this man of mine.  He’s so good to us and always does his best to take care of us and provide for us.  He’s a good one.


After all the Christmas activities were over I decided on that Friday after since we had no plans that it was a good day to take down our Christmas.  This is always a sad day for me.  It means another Christmas is over.  My babies are only babies for so long and I love seeing their faces light up at Christmas time and it always makes me a little sad to see these things go back in the garage, but I do love having my house back in order and cleaned.  


I love Six Flags!  I love Holiday in the Park even more.  So, now that Landry is old enough to enjoy it, we decided to head out there.  We picked the wrong day to go.  It was super crowded so we didn’t get to ride as much as I had hoped, but don’t worry, we upgraded our tickets to a season pass, so we have all year to go now.  I’m so excited about this.  Landry had such a good time and now we can go back whenever we want and only stay a little while.  


One night my parents asked to have Landry, so I got a whole day to myself with my boy.  I don’t get a lot of alone time with him.  Landry is super jealous of him sometimes and wants my attention and luckily he is like his daddy and doesn’t require a lot of mine.  I love being able to just spend one on one time with him.  He’s such a sweet boy and is really into playing with his toys and cars but still wants to sit in my lap and love on me.  


On New Year’s Eve we went out to dinner with our best friends.  This is the second year in a row that we have been out and I really do enjoy it.  I love spending time with these people that do life with us.  These girls mean so much to me.  I’d be lost without their guidance and late night text messages.  


On the Saturday before we headed back to school and work we went to the Grapevine Mills mall.  Landry had some Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket and was begging to do the trampoline there.  Every time we go to the mall she begs us to do it, but we never seem to have the time.  So, on this day we promised her if she wanted to use her money she could do it.  


She loved it!  She bounced really high and had the biggest smile on her face.  She said it was definitely worth spending her money on.  

I had such a good break.  I cried on the way to work Monday morning leaving them.  I love being their mom and raising them.  They bring me such joy.  There are days where I do get frustrated and want to pull my hair out.  But, I know they are only little for so long and I’ll miss these days one day.  So, through the frustration I just smile.  I prayed so hard for them and God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Landry and Hayden.  

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