Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Celebrating Six

Last Wednesday our baby girl turned Six.  She had such a great birthday and we celebrated into the weekend.  Here is how we celebrated our girl this year.


Wednesday morning, Tim and I lit a candle on her chocolate chip muffin and went into her room and woke her up singing happy birthday to you.  She loved it!  She just sat there listening to us sing with the biggest smile on her face.  In case it isn’t already apparent, the girl loves to have the attention on her.  


Wednesday night, we let her pick the dinner spot, and she picked Spring Creek BBQ.  Random place and I asked her at least a dozen times if she was sure, and she was pretty adamant about going there so we obliged.  Can’t pass up good BBQ!

When deciding what to do for her party this year, she really wanted a slumber party.  I knew a few of her friends might be too young to stay the night, so we compromised and had her friends over to play and paint and have pizza.  She was totally cool with that idea.  


I had all these ideas swirling around in my head and went with a pink and green theme.  Simple, but girly.  


I ordered cupcakes and cake pops from our cake lady, and they were so yummy.


She invited 6 of her favorite girls over and one couldn’t make it, but they had the best time together!  Landry is at such a sweet age with her friends.  They still giggle and have so much fun together but without all the drama yet. Thank the Lord!  


I got this idea from one of my mom’s friends to buy wooden letters and let them paint them.  They ended up loving this!  They were so excited to make something all their own.  


She opened presents and got some cute clothes and fun girly stuff.  


Then we sang happy birthday to her once again.  


After that, they all played pretty pretty princess.  


For the gift box, I put a pink nail polish, some fun sunglasses, an ice cream lip gloss and some candy jewelry.  


This girl had the best party and kept thanking Tim and I over and over.  Simple party, but such a huge impact on her.  


Saturday night, we did her family party.  We invited all our close family and headed out to her favorite restaurant, Babes.  Landry has wanted to go here for her birthday since last year when we went one night and they sang to a little girl.  It’s all she’s talked about since.  


They put the chicken hat on her and sang happy birthday to her and she got super shy but loved every minute of it!  


I love my family.  We always have the best time together and they all love my kids like they are their own.  

 After dinner, we went back to our house so she could open more presents.  This girl definitely wasn’t lacking in the clothes department this year.  She got some really cute items.  


Then we sang happy birthday to her once again (third time this week) and brother helped her blow out her candle, it was too cute.  


I still cannot believe this little girl is 6!  She is turning into such a sweet little lady.  I cannot wait to see what this next year brings her!  


Mix and Match Mama said...

What a special birthday for sweet Landry!! The picture of the girls lined up together is just so cute. What sweet girls!

Robbie and Melissa said...

I'm in such denial that these kiddos are 6!! I still envision her being that little 18 month old that we left in Texas. :) Love the picture of her opening presents with all her friends around her. So cute!