Monday, March 7, 2016

Landry's 7th Burrr...thday Bash!

On Saturday we celebrated our girl with her birthday party  

Let me take you back to around Halloween when Landry usually starts thinking about what kind of party she wants and the theme. She is definitely a girl after my own heart. She loves a good party theme. So she came to me and told me she wanted a pool party. 

In February. 

So I kindly told her that she had a winter birthday and pool parties aren't possible. Then I had a family friend hear me talking to my mom about what Landry wanted and she asked if I had ever heard of the Grapevine Rec Center. It's an indoor water park type center. Perfect! She was so excited! 

I loved doing the winter pool party theme. 

The food was easy. I found so many cute ideas on Pinterest. I just wanted snack type food since I knew the guests would be in and out and just want to nibble. 

My cupcake lady made the cutest cupcakes with edible sand and I added sunglasses, umbrellas and flip flops to the top. 

We invited all our closest friends

Dani and Bobby brought Brody and he loved the water! 

Bobby took him down the water slide and both their faces were cracking us up!

All the big boys and little boys played basketball 

Landry's grandparents

Then once the kids were done swimming we came in and sang happy birthday to her

This party was one of the most fun parties we have ever had! I'm so glad we did it. 


Dani Lewis said...

It seriously was one of the best parties EVER! Such a fun idea. Love you all

Hilary Boozer said...

So fun!!!