Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our weekend

It's March 1! Spring is almost here. Although to be honest, it's felt like spring here for a while now. I'm not complaining. I love this nice weather. 

This last weekend was such a fun one. We got to spend some time with our favorite people. 

Friday, Landry got out of school early so I picked her up and took her to lunch and to shop for her party this weekend. Sometimes I just need that one on one time with my kiddos. Landry thrives on alone time. Plus, she's at an age I can have a valid conversation with her, it's nice!

Saturday morning my boy and I wore matching plaid and converse. I'm pretty sure the matching will stop soon enough so I'll do it as long as he has no clue!

My whole side came to Landry's last game. They had a free throw contest and my mom got in on the action. If you know my mom at all you know she and I share our athletic abilities-none! But, she did a really good job. 

After the game we all went to lunch and Landry pretty much stayed by Brody's side. She loves him so much and I think the feeling is mutual!

Sunday after church we took Landry to pick out her bike. My parents and Tims parents gave her money for her birthday and she's been begging for a new bike so we headed to Toys R Us and she fell in love with this hot pink bike!
Now she just needs to learn to ride it without training wheels. 

Sunday afternoon I headed to Dani's house for our Oscar watching party. I took my favorite heels 

And got to cuddle with this guy

Not a bad way to end our fun weekend! 


Dani Lewis said...

His head looks so big in that last photo! hahahahaha

Mix and Match Mama said...

I love the picture of Landry on her new bike!!